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King Street, Stirling: WorKing Launches New Website and Unveils Spring Office Launch

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Excitement is in the air as the team at WorKing prepares to transform Stirling's city centre work environment with a pioneering initiative!

With the upcoming spring launch of our cutting-edge office spaces on King Street, WorKing is revolutionising the way businesses operate, network, and thrive in this culturally significant location. As we eagerly await the opening, let us delve into WorKing and explore the journey that has brought us to this point.

A Captivating Visual Experience:

WorKing has partnered with talented creative teams to produce a selection of compelling digital visuals and solutions, from our classy branding, to slick promotional content and a visually stunning website. Our new online presence showcases our vision for our dynamic workspaces that was brought to life by the exceptional 3D designers and animators. The Renders portray our shared vision eloquently and they capture the essence of our vibrant brand and our soon-to-be community perfectly.

In tandem with the 3D visuals, our creative teams produced compelling scenes for our promotional content through their expert aerial videography and photography services that complimented the 3D visualisations perfectly. WorKing captured breath-taking external aerial footage of our office spaces on King Street, beautifully highlighting character of Stirling itself and the prime placement of the WorKing premises.

King Street Stirling Working Flexispaces Office Location

Designing an Engaging Website:

It doesn't end there - we've also excelled in the opportunity to create captivating visual content and demonstrate our creative teams' expertise in website design. Our new website is a meticulously crafted, engaging and user-friendly digital space that immerses visitors in the world of WorKing. With seamless navigation, visually appealing layouts, and compelling copy, the website will serve as a digital hub for the WorKing brand and fledgling community. We invite businesses to explore our website and the range of advantages that our flexible workspaces will have to offer!

A Collaborative Endeavor:

The journey toward WorKing's spring launch has been defined by our shared passion with our creative teams - passion for professionalism, creativity and excellence.

Squinty Pixels are responsible for our new digital space - we encourage businesses to explore the plethora of branding, liberal use of colour, movement, aerial videography and photography that has perfectly encapsulated the unique features of our office spaces and the WorKing identity.

"We were approached for our expertise in the disciplines needed to bring Neil Munday's brand vision to life. In collaborating with some fantastic fellow creatives, we have helped forge the brand and set the foundations of its' digital future."

- Jamie Steel, founder of Squinty Pixels

Abstract Canvas are responsible for our beautifully designed 3D concepts, which faithfully reflect WorKing's vision for our office spaces. This interior design concept was coordinated with the careful, experienced and creative eye of Glasgow based multi-award winning design studio IBDP - Interiors by Dominic Paul.

"I'm delighted to have worked on this incredible addition to Stirling. Neil Munday at WorKing has a wonderful concept and it has been great to be part of bringing his vision to life..!”

- Dominic Paul, founder of IBDP

When the creative teams from both Squinty Pixels and Abstract Canvas combined their efforts, the results were inspired - aerial videography blended seamlessly with 3D rendered visuals. The resulting internal presentation material was so compelling, we couldn't help but make it public for everyone to see!

Spring Launch of WorKing in Stirling:

As spring 2024 approaches, WorKing eagerly anticipates the unveiling of our office spaces on King Street. These dynamic workspaces are designed to cater to the needs of agile businesses, offering flexibility and versatility for start-ups, freelancers, and established enterprises alike. With shared offices, private suites, and a host of amenities, WorKing provides the perfect environment for productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

Embracing the Central Area of Stirling:

WorKing has strategically positioned itself as a prime hub of office spaces in the heart of Stirling's city centre. By situating our offices amidst the bustling high street, we ensure unrivalled convenience and visibility for businesses that choose to call WorKing their home. The proximity to city centre services, amenities, and cultural landmarks creates an ideal setting for nurturing client relationships and entertaining visiting guests.

Stirling Wallace Monument Working Flexispaces Rich Cultural Location

Building a Vibrant Community:

At WorKing, we understand the value of community. Beyond providing exceptional workspaces, we are committed to fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration. Once our doors open, we will curate community events, workshops, seminars, and networking sessions, creating engaging experiences that enhance the work-life balance of our members and encourage meaningful connections.

The Best of WorKing is Yet to Come!

The launch of WorKing's new website marks an exciting milestone on our journey to transform Stirling's central area into a thriving hub of innovation, collaboration, and professional growth. As we approach the spring launch of WorKing, we eagerly anticipate welcoming businesses that are seeking exciting and contemporary workspaces.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our new website, envision the possibilities, and prepare to embark on an exciting journey of growth and achievement with the Spring launch of WorKing - right in the heart of Stirling!

Liked what you heard about our collaborations? If you' like to know more about any of the creative teams involved in the development of WorkKing, check out our links below!

Squinty Pixels - Multi-discipline Drone, Web & Design Agency. | 07810077651

Abstract Canvas - Exceptional 3d visualisations and animations. | (+44)07912287026

Interiors By Dominic Paul - Award winning interior designs. | 01412552145

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